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Work From Home

scented candle 33 hrs

Plastic free eco-packaging
Made from natural coconut and palm wax
Quality guaranteed

Fragrance description

The aroma of freshly ground coffee beans, sweetened with pure cane, hazelnut and caramel syrup.

Fragrance notes

  • Coffee beans
  • Sugar cane
  • Hazelnuts
  • Caramel

Product description

DW Home "Work From Home" coconut wax scented candle is a new way to create coziness at home.

From now on, working from home will become even more pleasant with the help of the DW Home "Work From Home" coconut wax scented candle. Enjoy the seductive aroma of coffee beans, sweetened with pure sugar cane, hazelnuts and caramel syrup.

Advantages worth mentioning:

  1. Unique scent : Immerse yourself in a pleasant, cozy environment with this candle - it's like experiencing the real magic of a cup of coffee.
  2. Naturalness : Made from high-quality coconut wax, the candle not only creates a great aroma, but is also environmentally friendly.
  3. Long-lasting : With a burn time of up to 33 hours, you can enjoy the scent of this candle day after day.

This candle is perfect not only for working from home, but also for quiet evenings when you want to relax after a long day. The design of the candle is simple but elegant, so it goes well with any interior.

By choosing the DW Home "Work From Home" scented candle, your home will become even cozier, and working from home will be more pleasant and productive. This candle is ideal for yourself or as a gift for loved ones, whatever the occasion.

Don't worry about an intense or synthetic scent, because this candle uses only natural ingredients that guarantee a subtle but long-lasting aroma.

It's time to make your home even cozier and enjoy the perfect aroma of coffee.

The DW Home Stormy Night coconut wax candle is a great gift for yourself or friends, allowing you to enjoy the unique scent of nature. Enrich your everyday life with this pleasure that will bring peace and harmony to your home.


  • A natural blend of coconut and palm wax
  • Coconut wax guarantees long-lasting burning and less smoke compared to other candles
  • Candle burning time: 33 hours.
  • Quality wick made of 100% cotton
  • Glassdish
Barcode: 4779056741262
Usage and care
  1. Pritrumpinkite dagtį iki 6-8mm ilgio (rekomenduojame tai padaryti prieš kiekvieną uždegimą)
  2. Deginkite žvakę tol, kol išsilydys visas paviršius, bet ne ilgiau nei 4 valandas
  3. Laikykite žvakę saugioje, mažiems vaikams ir gyvūnams nepasiekiamoje vietoje ir nepalikite degančios žvakės be priežiūros ar šalia degių daiktų
  4. Pabaigę žvakę, vaško likučius išvalykite, o indą panaudokite kaip interjero dekoro detalę, smulkmenoms susidėti

Skaitykite plačiau: Kaip naudoti ir prižiūrėti kvepiančias žvakes?


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