Kaip panaudoti žvakės indelius? #dwrepurpose

How to repurpose candle jars? #dwrepurpose

Most scented candles come to us in glass jars. And if we like candles and burn them often, we accumulate a lot of these containers - and throwing away things that are still in use does not correspond to our sustainable ideology. Get ideas on how to use candle containers!
August 21, 2023
Užpūstos žvakės skleidžiami dūmai

3 most common mistakes when burning candles

Avoid these common mistakes and your candle will last longer and your candle burn experience will be more enjoyable.
August 15, 2023
Kaip naudoti ir prižiūrėti kvepiančias žvakes?

How to use and maintain scented candles?

Do scented candles need special care? No, not necessarily. Is it possible to extend the burning time of scented candles and improve the burning quality? Really so! We will give...
February 17, 2023