DW Home

Pleasure starts
with scent

Natural coconut wax candles

Smell the Difference

You know how some candles barely smell at all?
Ours pack a fragrance punch that turns your home into a haven.

Just Breathe

Our candles are made from natural coconut wax,
so you can kick back and breathe easy.

DW Home namų kvapas - kvepianti žvakė ant stalo

Make it Last

Why rush the good things?
Our candles burn slow, stretching out your me-time.

Reikia rekomendacijos?

Užpildyk namų kvapo testą ir gauk asmeninę rekomendaciją.

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DW Home

Established 1996, a California-born brand that essentially laid the foundation for modern candle-burning culture. The company creates stylish home decor products for everyday use and sets the quality bar for itself at the highest level.


What are DW Home candles made of?

DW Home candles are hand-poured and made from a proprietary coconut and palm wax blend, which has a creamy-white color, and aromatic oils to create the scent.

What makes these candles special?

These candles have a natural and intense scent. The unique feature of coconut wax is that it "remembers" scents better and has a better scent throw. Therefore, the candle smells natural, alive and much stronger than candles of other types of wax (such as soywax or beeswax).

Are scented candles safe to use at home?

If the candle is made of natural ingredients - natural wax and natural fragrances - no harmful substances are released when burning it. Therefore, DW Home candles can be safely used at home, especially if there are small children or animals.

How long do DW Home candles burn?

Coconut wax candles have a slow burn, so they burn for a long time: from 33 to 90 hours.

How to make a candle burn longer?

If you take care of the candle properly - trim the wick and burn at least until the entire surface melts - the candle will last longer.

Are DW Home candles environment friendly?

Yes. These candles are made from natural materials - coconut and palm wax and aromatic oils.

In addition, we use only environmentally friendly materials for packaging, such as bubble paper, paper adhesive tape, paper sheets, cardboard boxes - all of this is made from recycled raw materials.

Also we encourage you not to throw away candle glass containers and repurpose them instead, e.g. as flower pots for planting, containers for small household item or as a home decoration.

How to choose a candle for home?

First of all, consider the size of the room. If the room is small - choose a smaller candle that burns 33-40 hours. For larger rooms choose a candle that burns for at least 56 hours. and has two wicks.

The fragrance should be chosen according to the type of room. For your convenience, the scents are divided into five scent families.

Fresh, mild and not too intense floral and herbal scents are suitable for the living room.

Calming scents from the clean and fresh scent family are suitable for the bedroom.

We recommend concentration-stimulating scents from the wood and earthy scent family for the work space.

Drop us a message and we will help you choose!

Where can I buy DW Home candles?

DW Home candles can be purchased in our shop.

Coming to the stores in Lithuania soon. Follow us on Instagram or our newsletter to get updates.

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