Do scented candles need special care? No, not necessarily.

Is it possible to extend the burning time of scented candles and improve the burning quality? Really so! We will give you some short tips on how to do it.



1. Let the candle warm up

In the cold season : if you brought the candle from outside (for example, you received it from Gera Namais by post), don't rush to light it right away, but let the wax warm up a little to room temperature. Then it will melt more evenly, there is a greater chance of avoiding the tunnel effect (when a lot of wax remains on the sides of the candle).

2. Trim the wick

Trim the wick to 6mm length each time before lighting. Then the burnt part of the wick will not fall into the wax and will look aesthetically pleasing. In addition, the candle will burn evenly, as a wick that is too long promotes too rapid burning and also creates smoke.

We recommend trimming before lighting a new candle for the first time (because their wick is usually longer).

It is best to cut with wick scissors, which are long and designed to reach the wick deep inside the container, but you can cut with manicure scissors if you are in trouble.

Note: this recommendation applies not only to cotton wicks, but also to wooden wicks, which you can trim a little to prevent the candle from burning and burning more evenly.

3. Ignite with a gas burner

The simplest gas burner will do, it is important that it performs the function. Long burners are convenient, which are useful when the candle is already slightly lit, so that you do not have to reach deep into the container.

Matches can be used, but we do not recommend it because of the smell of smoke.



The optimal time to burn a scented candle is 4 hours. You can burn for a shorter time, but we highly recommend burning at least until the entire surface is melted. If you burn for a shorter time, you risk that the candle starts to tunnel: since the wax has a memory, the next time you light it, there is a risk that the candle will burn too deep. So relax and let it burn :).



After burning the candle, extinguish it with a bell or a wick holder by dipping the wick into the wax and bending it back. This way you will avoid smoke.

We do not recommend extinguishing the candle by covering it with a lid, because in this case the smoke will absorb into the wax and change the characteristics of the candle's smell.



Burn in a safe place - out of the reach of small children and animals. Also keep away from flammable items. We also burn candles on a ceramic tray or on the lid of the candle itself, thus protecting the table tops (this is only relevant at the end of the candle, when the bottom itself heats up).