Iš kokio vaško gaminamos kvapiosios žvakės?

Types of wax used in scented candle making

Guide to wax types used in making scented candles
Kaip panaudoti žvakių indelius? #dwrepurpose

How to repurpose candle jars? #dwrepurpose

Most scented candles come to us in glass jars. And if we like candles and burn them often, we accumulate a lot of these containers - and throwing away things that are still in use does not correspond to our sustainable ideology. Get ideas on how to use candle containers!
Užpūstos žvakės skleidžiami dūmai

3 most common mistakes when burning candles

Avoid these common mistakes and your candle will last longer and your candle burn experience will be more enjoyable.
Originali dovana tėvo dienai

An original gift for Father's Day

Are you looking for an original gift for dad that will surprise and delight him? DW Home scented candles can be the perfect choice. These candles are the perfect Father's...
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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is a special holiday to honor our dear mothers and thank them for everything they have done for us. Do you want to express your love and gratitude...
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Applying candle scents for home interior

Scented candles is an inexpensive and stylish option to upgrade home decor and create a cozy atmosphere. In this article, we'll share ideas on how to choose the right candle scents for different spaces in your home, as well as review DW Home's candle collections that suit different interior styles.
DW Home Naturals žvakės

Why choose natural scented candles?

Nowadays, many people choose natural scented candles, because they understand that it is important not only to create a cozy atmosphere at home, but at the same time to do it sustainably and without harming their healthy lifestyle.
Kokosų vaško žvakės: papuoškite savo interjerą natūraliai ir moderniai

Coconut wax candles: a Natural and modern Home Decor

Nowadays, people are looking for eco-friendly and natural alternatives for their interior decor. One such solution is coconut wax candles. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of coconut wax candles, learn about their production, how to choose the most suitable candle, the possibilities of use and compare it with other types of candles.
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Choosing a candle wick - wooden or cotton?

Which wick to choose - wooden or cotton - when choosing a scented candle for the home? Let's take a look at the main features of these wicks.
Populiariausios kvepiančios žvakės namams 2022

Bestselling scented candles in 2022

The scented candles that most decorated your home this year. We take a look at the TOP10 most popular choices for your home fragrances.
DW Home kvapnios žvakės namams - kuo jos ypatingos?

What makes DW Home scented candles special?

Did you know that it is easy to change the atmosphere at home and create a cozy, mood-enhancing environment? A scented candle is one of the ways to relax after...