Most scented candles come in glass jars. And if we like candles and burn them often, we accumulate a lot of these containers - and throwing away things that are still usable does not correspond to our sustainable ideology.

DW Home promotes the secondary use of candle containers and you can follow it, for example, on Instagram #dwrepurpose

The simplest way is to do nothing, and just put the ones you like on the shelf in the living room and keep them as decoration. But can we do more? Next, we share ways to revive candle containers for a second life.


In our subjective opinion, these containers look much better than cheap plastic pots from supermarkets. See how charismatic your plants could be?

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Home decor and Vases

But if you don't want to plant, you can use containers, especially larger ones, as vases - to place flowers or to compose a decoration on the table.

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Storage container

Okay, but maybe you're not a plant person, or you just have too many plants. It's fine. Here are ideas on how to store makeup brushes, cotton buds, pencils, and any other small items.

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Here you will need talented hands and a lot of patience. But this is just proof that everything is possible. Can you believe this mosaic is made from DW Home candle jars? 

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Box of Sweets

In our subjective opinion, these sweets just got sweeter.

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Pouring candles

Yes, it is possible to make new candles and pour them into the same containers. This is how DW Naturals candles were born, which are poured into repurposed glass containers, which may not be perfect, but are friendly to nature.
DW Natural candles

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