Scented candles is an inexpensive and stylish option to upgrade home decor and create a cozy atmosphere. In this article, we'll share ideas on how to choose the right candle scents for different spaces in your home, as well as review DW Home's candle collections that suit different interior styles.

Choose fragrances according to the space


It is important to create an invitation to rest and socialize in the living room. The most suitable scents for this space are fresh, soft and not too intense. Combinations of floral, fruity and citrus scents are perfect. For example, the DW Home candle from floral and herbal scents.

DW Home Homestead Greenhouse


In the interior of the bedroom, the keyword is peace of mind Choose soothing, soft scents like lavender, vanilla, or bergamot. DW Home Zen the collection has great options to help you relax after a hard day.

DW Home Neroli Bergamot


In the space where we work and study, it is important to choose refreshing and concentration-enhancing scents. Citrus, forest or peppery scent combinations are the most suitable for this space. Try it out Wood and earthy scent DW Home candles.

DW Home Ninety Six Mythical

DW Home candle collections for different interior styles

  1. Farmhouse - perfect for country-style interiors with natural combinations of materials and colors.
  2. Signature - an elegant collection that will add a sense of luxury to any interior.
  3. Wooden Wick - provide a special atmosphere and a sense of authenticity, as if you were sitting by a crackling fire.
  4. Natural candles - a collection dedicated to those who value ecology and natural ingredients.
  5. Clean and Fresh - the candles of this collection will perfectly revive the home space and give the feeling of a spa atmosphere.
  6. Fruits and Citrus - fresh and bright combinations of fruit, berry and citrus scents, suitable for all spaces.

    How to apply candle scents in the interior

    • Combine different scents : Experiment with different combinations of scents to create a distinctive and unique atmosphere. For example, you can combine the smell of lavender with the smell of oranges or bergamot with vanilla.
    • Candles as an accent : Choose candles with bright design elements that will become the accent of the interior. DW Home candles from the Signature collection will add style and elegance.
    • Grouping candles : Group several candles on tables, shelves or window sills to create interesting compositions. You can use candles of different shapes, sizes and scents.
    • Candle decoration : Decorate the candles with natural decorations such as tree branches, leaves or conifer branches. It will give a feeling of cozy aliveness and naturalness.

      Scented candles are an easy way to bring warmth, coziness and harmony into your home space. Choose candle scents according to your personal taste and interior style. DW Home's abundance of candle collections allows you to discover exactly what you are looking for.