Sandalwood Oud

coconut wax scented candle, 439g / 64 hours

Happiness assured — love it or your money back, no questions asked.


Warm notes of creamy sandalwood wrapped in white amber, tonka and elements of orris and cardamom.

  • Burn time: 64 hours
  • Double cotton wick
  • All-natural coconut wax blend
  • Container made from recycled glass
    About DW Home

    Established 1996, a California-born brand that essentially laid the foundation for modern candle-burning culture. The company creates stylish home decor products for everyday use and sets the quality bar for itself at the highest level.

    DW Home candles are hand-poured and made from a proprietary coconut and palm wax blend, which has a creamy-white color, and aromatic oils to create the scent.

    These candles have a natural and intense scent. The unique feature of coconut wax is that it "remembers" scents better and has a better scent throw. Therefore, the candle smells natural, alive and much stronger than candles of other types of wax (such as soywax or beeswax).

    DW Home candles are made from natural ingredients and can be safely used at home.

    Usage and care

    Trim the wick to 5mm before lighting it up. Find a safe place to burn the candle.

    Before putting out the candle wait until the whole wax surface melts. Use candle snuffer to put out a wooden wick candle. Alternatively, a cotton wick candle can be put out using a wick dipper: by bending the wick into the wax and back.

    When not in use, cover your candle with the lid to avoid dust.

    Candle care guide


    We use only environment friendly materials for parcel packaging.

    Shipping box packaging

    • Inner carton box
    • Thin white wrapping tissue-paper
    • Ecological paper filler
    • Bubble paper - made from 100% recycled paper
    • Paper adhesive tape Shipment cardboard box

    Gift packaging

    All candles are shipped in cube-shaped inner boxes that you can easily wrap in gift paper. If you want to give the candle as a gift right away, we recommend additionally purchasing our ECO gift box composed from environmentally friendly materials.


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    Other information

    439g / 64 hours:
    SKU: DNKY1007
    Barcode/EAN: 4779056741552


    Pure and Clean

    Made from a natural coconut-palm wax blend. Clean burn, non-toxic and safe to use at home.


    A fragrance punch

    Coconut wax blends seamlessly with fragrance oils and features the best scent throw. The scent feels "just-right", room-filling and not too intensive.


    Long burn time

    Coconut wax candles burn slowly, evenly and feature the longest burn time out of all wax types. Available in multiple sizes, our candles burn 33—90 hours.

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