By DW Home

DW Home candle accessories set (Black)


In this set, you will find everything you need to care for candles - to ensure safe use and extend the burning time of candles.

The set includes:

  1. Wick trimmer. The easiest way to trim a candle wick to the optimal length. The long handle and ergonomic design will allow you to easily reach the wick in the deep container of the candle, trim and collect the cut part - neatly, without smearing the candle wax and your hands,
  2. Candle snuffer. The easiest way to extinguish a candle cleanly and neatly. Suitable for any candle.
  3. Wick dipper. Multifunctional tool - used to center the wick so that the wax always melts evenly or to extinguish the candle by dipping its wick into the wax and bending it back.

Also, you can additionally purchase a stylish coaster.


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