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If, for example, after a quarrel you want to invite the energy of love into your home - light ours"Love” candle. The scents of peonies and passion fruit harmonize with your surroundings and spread a warm, romantic feeling in the atmosphere.

Maybe you want to continue or deepen your meditation practice? in the candle"You are meditating” our artisans have already selected and blended the scents of saffron and amber into a proprietary blend of coconut and palm wax. As soon as you light this candle, it will immediately be easier to think about and feel what is happening "here and now."

Maybe you don't want to relax, but just to feel alert. Light it up"Energize” and enjoy the scents of tangerine and cedar wafting through your surroundings.

Candles from this collection are carefully selected and balanced, not only to smell delicious, but also to fulfill a special purpose. You get not just one, but two scents that bring out the best in each other and you will always know which candle suits which mood.