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Lava | Wooden wick

scented candle 40 hrs

Plastic free eco-packaging
Made from natural coconut and palm wax
Quality guaranteed

Fragrance description

Mango and exotic passion fruit enhanced by bubbly orange, sun-kissed papaya and sweet berries. This combination will allow you to feel the breath of an exotic vacation.

Fragrance notes

  • Mango
  • Passionflower
  • papaya
  • Orange
  • Forest berries

Product description

A beautiful DW Home coconut wax candle "Lava" with a wooden wick is a pleasant accent for your home. This is not only a great decoration, but also a way to relax after a hard day, to leave everyday worries behind the door. The scent of the candle will inspire you for a tropical adventure and relaxation, as if the vacation is already here.

One of the special features of the candle is the wooden wick, which gives a soft hissing sound, reminiscent of the gentle crackling of a campfire. This will further strengthen the feeling of coziness in your home.

The unique coconut wax ensures a long burning time - up to 40 hours . This means that you will be able to enjoy this wonderful scent for many evenings without losing the quality of the candle.

Advantages of this candle:

  • The smell of tropical fruits is relaxing and pleasant
  • Wooden wick - the gentle rustling sound gives comfort
  • Long burning time - even 40 hours
  • The quality of coconut wax is a healthy and ecological choice
  • A great gift option - stylish design and unique smell

Whether you want to give this candle as a gift to a friend or simply to enhance the atmosphere of your home, the DW Home coconut wax candle "Lava" with a wooden wick is a great choice. No matter where you put it, this candle will impress every visitor with its unique smell and stylish appearance.

Don't miss such a great opportunity - order the DW Home coconut wax candle "Lava" now and enjoy peace and the wonderful smell of tropical fruits in your home!


  • A natural blend of coconut wax
  • Long burning time
  • Cotton wick
  • Decorative glass container
SKU: DWD0014
Barcode: 4779056741293
Usage and care
  1. Pritrumpinkite dagtį iki 6-8mm ilgio (rekomenduojame tai padaryti prieš kiekvieną uždegimą)
  2. Deginkite žvakę tol, kol išsilydys visas paviršius, bet ne ilgiau nei 4 valandas
  3. Laikykite žvakę saugioje, mažiems vaikams ir gyvūnams nepasiekiamoje vietoje ir nepalikite degančios žvakės be priežiūros ar šalia degių daiktų
  4. Pabaigę žvakę, vaško likučius išvalykite, o indą panaudokite kaip interjero dekoro detalę, smulkmenoms susidėti

Skaitykite plačiau: Kaip naudoti ir prižiūrėti kvepiančias žvakes?


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