Home is a place where you are comfortable, calm, good and safe.

We cannot imagine creating such an atmosphere without a burning candle, and when the candle emits a scent, it is one of the ways for the household to relax and reduce anxiety after a long day.

5 years ago, while on vacation abroad, our family discovered the DW Home brand - because of the unique design of the jars and witty names.

After trying these candles, we were very impressed with the extremely well-distributed aroma that fills the entire space of the house - we have never experienced anything like this before.

The candles were constantly getting interest from visiting friends who would ask "...what makes your house smell so good?" Then we had the idea that there is no possibility to purchase anything similar in Lithuania. And that's how Good Home was born.

We participated in various fairs, received a lot of positive feedback from you and decided to move forward. From 2023 we became the official representatives of DW Home in the Baltic countries.